Chalmers Youth and Children Programs

The faith formation program for children and youth at Chalmers attempts to provide a welcoming environment where children can engage their faith in meaningful ways. Rooted in Biblical story we use a variety of activities to encourage the children to experience God’s love made known through Jesus. Children are encouraged to ask questions and articulate for themselves the wonder of God’s love in their lives and the world.

Hope Yen and Joy Yen, assisted by congregational volunteers, provide leadership to the children’s program. New volunteers are always welcome.

  • Nursery: Infants – children aged 4

    Our staffed toddler/preschooler room offers educational toys, art supplies, and a caring presence so parents can attend the service.

  • Children and Youth 5 years and up

    Each Sunday morning, children and youth join the whole congregation in worship in the sanctuary at 10:30am. About 15 minutes into the service, children ages 5 and up are invited to go with their leaders to Spirit Alive for activities that support the development of spiritual literacy. Through music, story, art, baking, play, drama, activities in nature and activities that support questioning minds, children and youth have opportunities for learning, sharing, celebrating and having fun!

    Many of the Sunday morning activities are appealing to children and youth of all ages. Youth 12 years of age and up have the opportunity to participate in youth activities coordinated by Four Winds Presbytery and by the Bay of Quinte Conference. A confirmation program is also offered to interested youth.

  • “Whole Church” Activities

    One of the important elements of the Chalmers community is the opportunity for the development of intergenerational relationships. Over the course of the year, several activities are planned that involve people of all ages to worship, work and celebrate in community. Intergenerational activities include the Advent Event, Family Jam Sessions, Dances and the Congregational Picnic.