Lenten Worship

As we enter the season of Lent, and with Kingston again designated as being in a Covid “Green Zone”, another “ad hoc” Chalmers “team” consisting of members of the Worship, Music, and Re-opening Committees (Bill and Joan Egnatoff, Al Fletcher, Monika Holzschuh, Nick Steinberg) met on Monday Feb.15. In addition, the Rev. Ian Mackay, our Guest Minister for Lent and Easter, and Rorry Dokken, our Interim Music Director, joined in the discussion as we planned for Worshipping in our Sanctuary again, scheduling, recording, and streaming issues, and, most importantly, the content of the Services. It has been decided that we … Read More


What Is FaithCARE? FaithCARE (Faith Communities Affirming Restorative Experiences) is a non-denominational service offered to churches to: build community, nurture healthy relationships, address conflict, tensions and harm through open and honest conversations, develop respect for differences and foster accountability. Faith-CARE is committed to assisting congregations in respecting differences in a way whereby healthy relationships can be built and conflict is experienced as a creative and transformative force. FaithCARE offers Restorative Practice to meet each congregation’s particular needs:    When there is conflict, the focus is on changing the conversation from a confrontational,   adversarial, blaming situation to one which enables everyone’s … Read More