We welcome you interest in recognizing your marriage commitment in this church and within the context of the Christian community. We rejoice with you in this important decision in your lives, and offer you our prayers and support. We offer the following to assist you in your planning.

Marriage within the Christian Community

When you ask the minister of a Christian church to conduct your marriage,you declare your desire to seek God’s blessing and to acknowledge the context of your faith in the service.

First Steps

Call the church office (613-546-3263) and make an appointment for you and your partner to see one of our ministers. At the first interview, preliminary arrangements will be made and the time and date for your wedding will be confirmed.

Legal Document

Marriage is both a civil contract and a Christian covenant when it takes place in the church or with a minister presiding. You can purchase a marriage licence at any municipal office in Ontario. The licence must be delivered to the church (with fees) at least two weeks before the wedding.


All arrangements for music will be made through the Church Office.

Photographs and Recordings

No flash photography is permitted during the wedding service either by a professional or by guests. However, pictures may be taken as the procession comes down the aisle, during the signing of the register and as the couple leaves. Video recordings may be made from a tripod only located at the side of the church. All arrangements must be discussed with the minister beforehand.

Decorating The Sanctuary

At Chalmers we understand the desire to make the space your wedding will be celebrated in feel special and beautiful. We would ask that you work with our caretaker to ensure your decorations do not pose a structural risk to the building and similarly that they do not damage the sanctuary in any way. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Several guidelines follow:

Candles are a beautiful way of enhancing your ceremony, however, they do pose a very real fire threat to the church. In using candles we would ask you check first with Chalmers staff as to the number and nature of the candles to be used.

Flowers may be placed at the front of the sanctuary. Please coordinate the time of the flower delivery with the church office.

Confetti, rice, flower petals and soap bubbles are not to be used inside the church. Confetti and rice are not to be used outside the church.

Adhesives: We ask that adhesives (tacks, nails, tape and glue) not be used inside or outside the sanctuary.

Wedding Honorariums

Members/adherents/active participants in the congregation: A donation to the church is gratefully accepted as an honorarium to the Minister of $300 and to the Minister of Music of $200. Payable at time of booking.

Newcomers to Chalmers United Church: $1,200. Deposit payable at time of booking $300.

Small weddings with 16 people or less: $500. Deposit payable at time of booking $200.

These fees are in effect for the 2016 calendar year and subject to change.