Sunday Worship – Plans for the Fall

Nick SteinbergNews

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly over, and we’re back home in Chalmers on Sunday after a
summer of sharing with Sydenham Street UC and Faith UC!! As we move into fall, I thought you might
want to know what’s ahead for Sunday Worship over the next few months.

Co-Liturgist and Worship/Tech Co-ordinators: During most of September and October, Janice
Moncrieff will be co-liturgist. Monika Holzschuh has agreed to take over as worship coordinator, and
tech coordinator for this period.
Ministers: Several of the ministers conducting our services will be doing so for up to a month at a time.
All Sundays are now booked until the end of 2022. (Thank you, Marilyn Braden!)
Media tech: Brigitta Holzschuh has kindly agreed to return home from Ottawa every weekend to be our
media tech for the time being. Another media tech is urgently needed – please spread the word!
Contact Monika if you have suggestions.
Music: Juliet Milsome will continue as our organist. New choir members are most welcome! Please
contact Juliet.
Scripture readers and lemonade/coffee hosts: Charmaine Puszkar will be coordinating the volunteers
for these important Outreach (to our online listeners) roles on behalf on the Inreach Circle. Gerald
McGrath is on stand-by to coach scripture readers.
Greeters: Marilyn Braden will be coordinating the Sunday greeters on behalf on the Inreach Circle.
Announcements: Please submit them to Carol at by Monday for
that week’s bulletin.
Website: will be updated regularly. Explore it now, and use it often
for information about Chalmers.

Linda Steinberg
Worship Co-ordinator/Co-liturgist

Please contact these VIPs as needed – I appreciate everything they do! We couldn’t put Sunday services
on without them and the rest of our Sunday volunteers.