• The church is located in the triangle of Barrie, Clergy and Earl Streets in the heart of downtown, next to Queen’s University.
  • There is seating for about 350, along with accessible seating, plus additional seating for 150 in the balcony.
  • Accommodating weddings, funerals, student recitals, full concerts, speaking engagements and films
  • Sound system with Sound Technician is available for speaking engagements and choirs.
  • Hearing assists for hearing impaired are also available.
  • Wifi supplied
  • Kawai Grand Piano
  • Artisan Classic Organ

Rental Inquiries

    Green rooms available and several smaller more contained spaces suitable for teaching or tutoring.

    For inquiries regarding the use of the Sanctuary, MacCallum Hall or other smaller rooms, please email office@chalmersunitedchurch.com or call the Office Administrator at 613-546-3263 ext. 222

    Chalmers Sanctuary

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    Beautiful room with ....

    Sanctuary 2

    The Chalmers Organ

    Chalmers’ current organ was built in 1961 by world-renowned maker Casavant Frères. Some of the pipework suffered damage in a fire in 1995, and was rebuilt by F. W. Knapton & Son and Artisan-Classic Organs as a hybrid comprising both acoustic pipes and digitally sampled sounds. In addition, it was fitted with the capability to act as a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller. In 2014 the digital sound palette was hugely augmented with a broad spectrum of virtual instruments (pitched and un-pitched orchestral and world instruments, as well as natural and synthesized sounds and effects). These are stored on a laptop computer and are assignable to each of the the three manuals and pedalboard, individually or in layers, with or without the acoustic pipe sonorities.


    MacCallum Hall

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    Upstairs Room

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    The Round Room and the Music Room...