Notice of Review

The Assembly of Elders of the East Central Ontario Regional Council has concerns about the state of Chalmers United Church.

It has appointed Beth Symes, a lawyer in Toronto, to conduct a review of the Community of Faith in accordance with section J.4(a) of The 2019 Manual  of the United Church and the Handbook on Community of Faith Reviews [January 2019)

Ms. Symes’ mandate is to investigate the state of the Community of Faith, with particular concern for the level of dysfunction and turmoil existing therein, the break down in the shared ministry plan including worship and staff, and further, to explore willingness to do self-reflection for goal setting to create a healthy congregation, and determine what willingness there is to be a partner.

Ms. Symes will gather information about life at Chalmers, make findings based on that information, and make a report back to the Regional Council Assembly of Elders for the meeting on September 11, 2020 with those recommendations based on the findings.

Chalmers will not be free to select ministry personnel through the Pastoral Relations process until the work, resulting from the review and agreed upon by the Assembly of Elders, is completed.

Ms. Symes will meet with members and adherents of Chalmers United Church electronically and by telephone during July 2020.

If you would like to meet with her, please contact Lauren Drew by email at or phone her before 10:00 or after 6:00 at 705-341-8404 to arrange an appointment.  

If there are documents you wish Ms. Symes to consider, please email them to her at  before your meeting.

Please note that those members and adherents who do not have email will be mailed a paper copy of this announcement.