Joint Chalmers/Sydenham Street United Committee on Shared Ministry moves into consultation phase

The Joint Chalmers/Sydenham Street United Committee exploring greater shared ministry between the two congregations issued its latest report in February, 2017. The Committee presented a preliminary proposal for shared ministry on a single “campus”. The two congregations would continue to meet, maintain two building sites and share the resources of a single staff team. An initial analysis of the proposed plan indicates that if implemented, it could allow both congregations to achieve a balanced budget.

The conceptual plan was received by both congregations and now enters a consultation and feedback phase. Based on congregational and staff input, the model will be further considered and refined. A detailed final proposal will then be brought to both congregations at meetings in early June. If approved, implementation could begin as early as the fall of 2017.

Individuals and groups within Chalmers are encouraged to provide feedback by March 24, either to the church office (in a sealed envelope marked Joint Chalmers/SSUC Committee), or to Juliet Huntly (email

See the feedback document for further detail on how to respond.

We are proposing a joint event for both congregations on Palm Sunday April 9, to review the collated feedback and look at next steps. More information to come.