Chalmers Plaque

Our Aspirations:

Chalmers recently gathered to develop a new Vision and Mission for our immediate future as we continue to explore who we are and who we want to be.

We are continually striving to be:

  • A spiritual home where we connect in significant, thoughtful, and relevant ways, and where we listen to one another and freely explore important questions
  • A caring, hospitable and diverse community of faith
  • A restorative community of faith where decisions are made in healthy and productive ways, and where differences of opinion are discussed restoratively
  • A community of faith that honours its history, its beautiful building and stained-glass windows, and rejoices in the sanctuary’s shape that encircles us
  • A community of faith where the power of music underlies and strengthens our worship
  • A community of faith in the United Church of Canada, where we offer our energy and gifts to the world beyond our walls, to demonstrate our faith in practical ways