Photo Exhibit – Opening Ceremony

An Archival Photo Exhibit From China : Canadians in China : Old Photographs from Sichuan 1892- 1952 will be in Kingston. Exhibit Dates: August 9 – August 12, 2022. Tues. and Fri.10 am to 4 pm Wed. and Thurs. 10 am to 8 pm Opening ceremony is at 1 pm on Tuesday, August 9. Place: Queens University, Douglas Library. 93 University Ave.,Kingston This exhibit is a fascinating pictorial record of the courageous Canadians who, contributing to the medical and educational modernization of China left a lasting footprint and a long legacy of friendship. The exhibit is a gift from a group of Chinese historians and ... Read More

Walking Group

2069 Battersea Road 2069 Battersea Road, Kingston

This week: Roger Candy Memorial Park in Glenburnie Gentle Walking Group Every Tuesday we will meet at the church parking lot at 3:30 and at that week's destination at 4:00 The walks will always cancelled if it is raining. Each week's destination will be posted on the calendar by Friday of the previous week. It will also be announced if the walk is cancelled for the coming week, due to no leader available.  Call Jane for more details Directions: Take Montreal St. out of the city, 5 minutes north of highway 401 to 2069 Battersea Road (Montreal St.) Turn left ... Read More