Donations and Volunteers Needed for United Marketplace Tour

Nick SteinbergNews

Book Table
If you are done with some of your current, favourite novels, donations are gladly
accepted at church house, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 11 and 4pm

Cookie Table
We need bakers to make cookies by Nov. 17 for the Bazaar on Nov. 19. If you
haven’t been contacted already, please call Joan at 613-545-1099 to let her know your commitment.

Gourmet Gifts to Go Mixes
Worker bees are needed to fill the jars with the ingredients
for yummy soups, cookies and more.
Come join the fun! Our first session will be after church on Nov. 6.
Contact Linda Steinberg
if you can join us or would like to help at a different time.
The more the merrier!