Covid Update

Nick SteinbergNews

Chalmers is open for live services

Chalmers’ regionally appointed Administrator David King and the Reopening Team continue to monitor and re-evaluate our protocols as the provincial pandemic response evolves.  We are balancing the need to get together and the need to stay apart.  You will notice certain changes have already occurred – hymn books, choir changes, processions.  Travel restrictions have been lifted.  MacCallum Hall is open for a bit of social time after the service (but no coffee or tea yet).

However, certain restrictions such as Double Vaccinations, Physical Distancing, and Masking are still required.  Caution is still necessary as potentially several thousand people in our area are infected.

As always, we encourage you to take whatever additional steps necessary to ensure your comfort and safety. Please ensure that you keep yourself as safe as possible.  For those who still feel uncomfortable attending live services, we continue to offer services via live streaming and subsequent posting to YouTube.

Thank you