The Sacrament of Communion is rooted in the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples just before the crucifixion, other meals that Jesus shared with friends, and the feasts of the Jewish people. When early Christians gathered around the table, they were remembering Jesus and celebrating his ministry that continued to live in a new way among them.

At Chalmers, the Sacrament of Communion takes place on various Sundays throughout the year and at significant occasions like Christmas and Easter. An occasional mid-week service of communion is held for those unable to attend the regular service on Sunday. Home communion is available by contacting our Ministers of Pastoral Care.


Faith and Life: Conversations on the Way

The purpose of this program is to invite young people, currently involved with Chalmers United Church, to join an intentional process of faith formation.

This will involve exploring, affirming and claiming faith in a journey that is both individual and part of a group. The program may, or may not, lead a participant to choose confirmation, the rite of the church which signifies full membership in the congregation and The United Church of Canada. In the United Church context, confirmation means the ‘confirming’ of Baptismal vows, which were taken earlier, usually when a person was an infant or a child. Participants who are not baptized are welcome in the program – baptism will be included prior to the act of confirmation for them.

For more information, please contact the church office.