Changing Covid Protocols

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Reopening Team Protocols

Chalmers’ Administrator, David King, in consultation with the reopening team, is making the following Covid protocol changes for Chalmers worship services effective this Sunday.  The position at this point is that we have all learned over the past couple of years to manage our lives and our safety in a constantly changing health and regulation environment.

We see increasing returns to previous unmasked states while many people are still wearing masks and taking abundant caution for both themselves and for other loved ones.  We want Chalmers’ worship to take place in a safe environment yet acknowledge that it is impossible to be completely safe these days.

Therefore, we are making the following changes:

  1. Registration will not be required upon entry.  You should still follow screening rules.  If you have Covid symptoms or are isolating due to close contact, you should not attend in person.  Live streaming of services will continue.
  2. Double vaccination is no longer a requirement for entry.  Most people already have up to four shots by now.
  3. Refreshments – previously on the lawn only – may be served indoors during inclement weather.  Those uncomfortable with this, may choose to abstain or leave.
  4. Masking is encouraged but no longer mandatory.  We feel that many will still choose to remain masked for their own or for other’s safety.  We welcome this choice and urge everyone to respect individuals’ choices – each according to their own personal situations.
  5. Distancing will still continue in the sanctuary and MacCallum Hall.  We feel this is still an important safety measure.

Please note that we will continue to monitor any changing regulations or Health Unit recommendations in the fall or in the future.  If needed, we will adjust protocols accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through all these difficult times and stay safe.

David King, Administrator